Thursday, July 3, 2014

Painting With a Toddler (without losing your mind)

 Zephyr loves to color and paint, so we try to do something artsy at least once a week.  Here are a few steps for painting with a toddler, without covering your entire house in paint.  (If you have older kids too, hopefully they need less supervision than this!)

Set up the table and let her pick out some colors.  (We usually do 4 or 5.)

I cover her with a bib and a small blanket (that usually stays on to cover her pants).
I also use washable paint, just in case it manages to get on her clothes.

 We pick our first color, and I dip it into paint for her (so she doesn't tip it over everywhere).  After she finishes that color, I clean the brush in a cup of water, and dry it off on a paper towel before using the next color.  

Sometimes, Dad helps a little.

After she adds in all of the colors we've picked, I see if she wants to add any more.  Usually we are done.  Sometimes she tastes the paint (ick), but I try not to freak out about it too much.  At some point in time, I know that she'll be able to do a lot more herself, but for now this is how it goes!  We both have fun, and our house stays relatively un-painted.
This week's masterpieces! 

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