Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This is real life

Sometimes I don't get everything done.  Most of the time, probably.  

This is real life.

I've been trying to contain the plethora of toys everywhere by putting away a few sets of things that were driving me crazy.  It's sort of working.

Then the Bean wants to color.

This happens roughly 10 times a day.

I tape these re-used posters from J's work to the floor (because they're slippery!) and she can color to her heart's content for a few days on the same paper.  And it makes for a colorful entryway too.
Sometimes Minnie likes to help.

Sometimes the crayons run away from home. 

(Did I mention that they're washable crayons?  Really fabulous parenting choice by me, considering that she's already drawn on a leather chair, my side of the bed, and the front door. Everything came off with water!)

 Did you notice that there are 10' PVC pipes all over the living room too?  They're for a super secret project that I'm almost finished making.  For now, Z likes to pick them up and scream into them, surprising herself with the distance of sound every time. :) It's super cute.

I guess what I'm saying is, embrace the chaos.  And if not embrace, at least find the cute side of it!  (We won't talk about how many dishes are in the sink right now.)

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